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The Kootenay Artisan Fair has been organized by Aviva Keely since 2011. The Fair is currently held at the Nelson Prestige Lake Side Resort. This venue provides both the Vendors and their customers with a beautiful and prestigious shopping environment.

John Feesey Potter

Dave from Snow Cottage Carvings

Denis from NO6 Coffee

Bruce from Twisted Tree

La Gala Jewelry

Bob from Wood 'n' Things

Moniques Designs

We currently host three shows annually;

Winter, Spring and a Holiday events.

Each show features 50+ high quality, handmade, Artisan vendors.


For the Winter show vendors have to go through a jury process. Jury insures the quality of vendors, insures all items are handmade, gives diversity of products being sold, and focuses on local vendors in the Kootenay Boundary area. When you come to the Kootenay Artisan Fair you support your local community and buy directly from the makers. 

This Market's Unique Origins


This fair was previously run for 15+ years by the Nelson District Arts Council. After the show did not run for three years one of its past vendors took on the challenge of reviving this show to its past glory. Seeking the counsel of former coordinators and with the blessing of the NDAC the Kootenay Artisan Fair was able to reestablish this much needed community event.


Our goal here at the Kootenay Artisan Fair is to support local shopping by providing a comfortable and welcoming environment for both shopper and Vendors. We pride ourselves on providing vendor support, leading up to, during, and after the show. We love helping you take your business to the next level through education, support and promotion. 


Positive Apparel is one of sponsors to the Kootenay Artisan Fair.


By sponsoring this event Positive Apparel pre-pays for all the events advertising and room rentals. This also allows vendors to pay by alternative methods including interact and e-transfers and provides a GST/PST number for those collecting taxes. You can learn more about this community organization by visiting their Facebook page.

Want to Sponsor The Kootenay Artisan Fair? 

The Kootenay Artisan fair is currently looking for new sponsors. If your company or organization would like to become a sponsor please contact Aviva Keely at 250-505-5444 or email

Sponsorship includes:

  1. Logo on all posters, postcards both mailed out or handed out in Nelson Area

  2. Logo on all promotional material including print ads

  3. Mentions on all radio ads

  4. Logo and web presence on all emails to current 3500 + contact list

  5. Logo and web presence on our website

This will be a yearly one time Sponsorship an will be limited to a max of 4 Sponsors per year. Please contact Aviva for rates. 250-505-5444 or email

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