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Rod and Gun Christmas Event Applicaiton


All Communications come from or 

Please make sure our email address has been added to your contact list or check your junk mail.

Booth Sizes and Fee's

Booth Options for Nelson Rod and Gun December Show only

Friday and Saturday 8 Foot tables $125 no power,  $150 with power + Tax. Only 13 tables have power at this event

Kootenay Artisan Fair Application Portfolio and Submission Outline

Criteria for Vendors

  • No Alcohol vendors

  • Hand Made, Quality, Crafted, One-of-a-kind

  • No imports, pre-packaged, or "assembled" products

  • No silk screening unless you do all the parts of the process including the making of the items being silk screened

  • All clothing must be made by you

  • Food safe and proper government labelling must be properly displayed and Food Safe Certificate must be present

  • Must submit all items you wish to have juried

  • Must reside in the Kootenay region

  • No table sharing 

  • Food Vendors must provide a sample for jury for the November Event only


Returning Vendors

If you are a returning vendor please only submit photos and product information for new items or the removal of past items.



Acceptance Process

Acceptance is based on handmade only. This is a first come first serve event for applications. Categories are limited to avoid over saturation. Only those types of products or crafts submitted in your application may be sold or displayed at the Market. Please do not add a service or a product line that was not in your application.




Portfolios will be used to jury your products. You can direct us to a website or your online presence for review. You must submit all products you wish to sell at the fair. Please be detailed in what products you wish to carry especially if you have more than 1 product represented on your website. Remember that the judges are looking at hundreds of photo’s so please be specific, or you may get looked over. If you do not send in sufficient information you may not be accepted, so please provide as much information as possible.

Booth Sharing

Booth sharing is strictly prohibited. Anyone who shows up with product that was not juried or submitted with their application, will be asked to remove those items. This will also affect all future applications with the Kootenay Artisan Fair.



Photo submission

Photos can be summited via email or via social media. You must give clear direction to folders if you are submitting photos via social media. Please provide photographs showing full items as well as close ups of details. You must include prices

Please do not send sample items unless you do not require them to be returned. You must include prices points for all individual items. You must also include a detailed list of items if your line includes more than one type of product in your application.



Payment's, fees, and cancellation policy

Rod and Gun Event

Payment is due in full once you have received your invoice.



How to Pay

Monday to Saturday you can come in to Positive Apparel Thrift Store at 721 A Front St Nelson to pay via cash, or Interact. Please note we no longer accept cheques or credit cards due to the fee's.

E-transfers are the preferred method of payment. Please use email only after your receive an invoice. They are set up for direct deposit so please insure you have your invoice number in your e-transfer.

Your invoice is your receipt and includes your GST number from our sponsors Positive Apparel.


Rod and Gun 

Deadline for cancellations is October 1.  Cancellation prior to October 1st will receive a refund minus a $25.00 processing fee. Cancellations after October 1st forfeit entire registration fee.



Market Hours:

Friday           7:00 am - 10:30 am – Set up

                     10:00 am - 8:00 pm - Market Open

Saturday      10:00 am - 5:00 pm - Market Open

                     5:00 pm – Take Down



Booth Set up and Power

All spaces will have 1, 8 foot table provided unless you have requested otherwise. Spaces will be given out at the Organizers discretion. 

Power is limited to 13 tables. Power is an additional cost.

Vendors are encouraged to decorate their booths in a "Festive Theme" this does encourage shopping.


Do not show up to the show unprepared for your space.  


Fire Retardant

If you have not purchased these items new in the last 5 years, you may need tp fire treat your table cloths, cloth banners and overnight booth coverings. Fire treating is easy and can be done at home with both a natural or with a purchased synthetic compound. Any cloth over the hotel table cloth will need to be fire treated. If your product is made from cloth, you do not have to fire treat your stock. Fire retardant can be purchased at Home Depot or on line on Amazon.


All artisans are responsible for collecting and remitting their own GST/PST.

Promotional Give-A ways, and Fundraising

The Kootenay Artisan Fair does not allow these to be part of this event. Anyone participating in these activities will be asked to leave.

U.S. Exchange Rate

We do get some customers from the U.S. as we are doing a small advertisement in Spokane. We encourage you to offer a “better than fair exchange” rate and to decide what your exchange rate is before you get your first customer.

Parking, Unloading and Set Up Times

You are no allowed to park at the event. When you are finished unloading please move your vehicle to the parking lot by Rona or street parking to avoid from taking parking from your shoppers. 

Fire Regulations

These are some of the things you must pay attention to:

  • Indoor spotlights only.

  • No open flames.

  • Booths in the Hall must not extend past 4 ft into the corridor to maintain fire access. These tables must be against the wall. (November only)

  • Booth must be restricted to non combustible crafts and goods (November only)

  • No flammable materials at booths unless treated with fire retardant. 

  • All draperies, table coverings, dividers, etc must be sprayed with fire retardant before you arrive at the market.

  • No straw or live cedar boughs or the like.

  • CSA approved electrical equipment only.

  • No hot plates or heat source permitted.

  • This is not a comprehensive fire safety checklist.  It is your responsibility to find out if any of your display will not be allowed or requires anything to meet fire regulations.

  • The fire inspector will tell you to take down anything they feel is unsafe.

  • Due to the large nature of this event all vendors are responsible for finding fire escapes and fire extinguishers. For this reason vendors are to direct patrons of the event, who may try and return to the only exit they now which is the front entrance. In case of fire patrons of the event are to be directed towards the nearest exit.



Free WIFI is available from the Event. Please keep in mind that this is a shared WIFI we cannot guarantee signal or how many people will be accessing the same signal. WIFI password will be available before doors open.



Vendor Tags

Vendor tags will be handed out during set up to each vendor to ensure free access into the market throughout the weekend. You will be supplied with up to two tags for the weekend. It is your responsibility to insure you and your staff are wearing your Vendor tags at all times. Please return your tags to the coordinator at the end of the event.




  • No smoking is allowed in the hotel or 10 feet from any door. If you need to smoke please go into the parking lot.

  • The Kootenay Artisan Fair and the Prestige Lakeside Resort are not responsible for the security of your products, however the ballroom is locked after the event each day so unauthorized personnel cannot access the area. We ask that you cover your wares at the end of each day to help keep them secure. You must be responsible for your own wares during open times. If you are in the hall and want to move any of your booth in to the Moseley room overnight please make arrangements with Aviva.

  • The City of Nelson, Positive Apparel, the Kootenay Artisan Fair, the Prestige Lakeside Resort, staff and volunteers cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to yourself or property resulting from participation in this market. Your wares are uninsured by the above and participation is at your own risk.

  • If you have any other safety questions let us know.

  • Bullying of other vendors is not permitted. Anyone with a continued bad attitude will be asked to leave and will not be permitted to return to the Kootenay Artisan Fair.

  • Food will be available for purchase from the hotel, and Lakeside park

  • Child care is not provided



Any other questions?  Please call Aviva at 250-505-5444 or email we hope you have a successful market and remember, this is your market, we only pull it together. Let’s make it work!


Aviva Keely


By Clicking the link "I agree to the KAF terms "you have agreed you have read and understood the above guide lines and will then be taken to fill in an application form

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